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Is your lawn deteriorating and struggling to green up & thicken? Then its time to de-thatch!  We will De-thatch your lawn, removing the excessive build up of dead roots, lawn debris and dead turf-grass crowns; organic matter that smoothers your lawn and slowly kills it off. 

When should lawns be dethatched?

Dethatching should be performed in the early spring (March - April) or early fall (September - October). While dethatching can be done in early fall, it is recommended to perform in the early spring.

  De-thatching can benefit your lawn by:

 •Increasing the availability of nutrients.

 •Helping prevent fertilizer and pesticide run-off from thatch matted areas.

•Enhancing oxygen levels in the soil, and stimulating root and rhizome growth soil instead of thatch matte.

 •Increasing your lawn's resistance to disease and insects.

 •Increasing your lawn's drought tolerance and improving its overall health.

 •Promoting a lush green lawn 

  De-Thatching Services