A lawn aeration completed by Powell Outdoor Services experienced staff at the proper time of year can be one of the most effective ways to ensure a thick healthy lawn. As lawns age they get compacted, this soil compaction makes it difficult for lawn roots to penetrate deeply and hard to absorb water and nutrients. 

Before long your lawn will start to deteriorate and become more susceptible to weeds and infiltration by insects or disease. By including a regular lawn aeration with your service package, you can avoid this and enjoy a lush healthy lawn that is more drought resistant, requires less water and can survive in the now pesticide-free era.

Lawn aeration benefits include:

• Reasonably priced and affordable
• Reduction of thatch and soil compaction
• Service performed by a professional using commercial grade equipment
• Encourages deep lawn roots
• Reducing the natural hiding places for insects
• Improved the water and nutrient movement through soil

This service can offer a big improvement to your lawn, trust Powell Outdoor Services to do it right!

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  Lawn Aeration