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Our weekly lawn mowing service consists of mowing the lawn with the appropriate size professional equipment. We also trim around all trees and other obstacles in the lawn. A mechanical edger is used as needed to keep the grass from growing over sidewalks and curbs. When the job is finished, the crew uses a blower to clear the sidewalk and patio of clippings. 

Unless you request otherwise, we try to change up the direction of the cut each week to avoid ruts and prevent grass from “lying down”. We also can adjust the height of cut to your request. 

Mowing starts in April based mostly on weather conditions, and continues through the end of October. Occasionally a decision may be made by the crew on site to skip mowing if the grass has not grown or if it is drought stressed. Grass should generally be mowed every week to prevent stress from cutting too much plant growth off at one time. 

The last mow of the season is usually quite short to help minimize the likelihood of snow mold or other fungus problems caused by winter weather. 

  Weekly Mowing